Manufacturing Plants

Polypro’s suppliers use a wet-milling process to manufacture guar gum.  Although the beginning raw material is nearly identical for most guar gum manufacturers, the finished product quality can vary a great deal due to differences in the process.

Throughout the years, Polypro’s products have met or exceeded the increasing demands of the most critical buyers and are well known guar gum manufacturers for their consistent high quality.  This has been accomplished through improvements in equipment design, good manufacturing practices and a dedication to quality.


Polypro utilizes three strategically located warehouses and distribution centers. Our facilities have implemented and are audited against programs including current AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection – Food Distribution Centers and BRC – Global Standard for Storage and Distribution. This includes sound programs such as integrated pest management, food safety, GMPs, sanitation, food security, traceability. Evidence of current 3rd party inspections are available upon request.

Guar Gum Manufacturers And Warehouse Facilities In USA | Polypro Intl