How Guar Gum Can Be Used In Food Products

Guar gum is a widely used thickening and lubricating agent used in a number of industrial processes. It is extracted from the guar seed. Guar gum is known to cool off rapidly when mixed in cold water, which enhances thickness and viscosity that can be used in items as diverse as toothpaste and fabric dyes. Not to mention, guar gum is also applied to drill bits to help them cool off quicker on oil and gas rigs. So, you might be wondering how this substance can be used in food products. On the surface, it seems guar gum powder isn’t edible and can actually health problems if ingested. Well, that’s not the case.

The versatility of this polymer is such that it can be used in a range of food products, from pet food to frozen food. Let’s take a look at how it is used in different food products:


Guar gum can be added to cheese, yogurt, and mousses, along with other dairy products to enhance their thickness and color retention. Also, guar gum powder will help these products retain their texture even after some period of use.


Guar gum can be used to control the loss of moisture in frozen foods as well as to reduce the risk of freezer burn. In addition, it can help manage crystal growth as well as syneresis, ensuring frozen foods stay fresher for longer.


Guar gum powder is added to fruit juices, cocoa based drinks, and even alcoholic beverages to enhance their texture and improve the ‘mouth feel’. Guar gum plays a major role in improving the viscosity of fruit juices, in particular.


Guar gum can be used to control the moisture in confectionery items, enhancing their useful life and maintaining their freshness. These include chocolate, breads, jellies, and cakes.

These are some ways guar gum is used in food products to enhance their texture and shelf life.


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