The Great Many Applications of Guar Gum

As you might know, guar gum can be used in food products of all kinds. From frozen foods, such as ice creams, to condiments, to even pet food, guar gum is incorporated into the process to enhance the shelf life of food items and make them more palatable. Yet, the uses of guar gum aren’t limited to the food industry. Let’s take a look at the great many applications of guar gum:

Paper Industry

Guar gum is used in the paper industry for the manufacturing of wrapping papers, craft products, and even photographic paper. Using guar gum improves the quality of the finish of paper. Not to mention, papers made using guar gum are stronger and more durable.

Cosmetic Industry

Guar gum can be used in a variety of skin care and cosmetic products, including shampoos, lipsticks, and even shaving cream. Using guar gum improves the lubrication, thickness, and film forming properties of creams and cosmetic products, making them safer and more comfortable to use.

Textile Industry

Guar gum is used in dyes in particular, as it can help thicken the dyes before they are applied to the fabrics. The substance is a part of the process of manufacturing a number of fabric types, including silk, rayon and cotton, as it is integrated into the sizing process. In fact, guar gum can also be used in carpet printing.

Oil & Gas

Guar gum is used as a lubricating and cooling agent in the oil and gas industry. In a field where machinery and parts tend to get extremely hot, guar gum is applied to reduce the risk of rust as well as to cool them off.

In addition to the industries mentioned here, guar gum is also used in pharmaceuticals, mining, and also in the making of toothpastes. To put it simply, it is a widely used substance the applications of which are too many to list in one article.

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